Geotechnical laboratory

Autorizație Laborator Grad II nr. 3495/02.08.2019

GEOCON GLOBAL CONSULTING, provides, through the authorized Laboratory for construction (II-nd degree Laboratory Authorization no. 2422 of 12/20/2011 for ANCFD, BBaBp, CF, D, GTF, MBM, MD profiles issued by the State Inspectorate for Construction), laboratory testing and analyses the  on samples taken according to the current Romanian and European regulations.

In the testing laboratory for construction it is implemented, assessed and maintained a quality system in accordance with SR EN ISO / IEC 17025/2005, the reference standard for testing laboratories.

The II-nd degree DIGAMMA testing laboratory for construction performs specific testing and releases tests reports according to authorized testing, in the GTF, MBM, BBaBp, CF, ANCFD, MD, D areas, as follows:

The geotechnical and foundation land profile (GTF)

  • Determination of the humidity - according to STAS [State Standard] 1913/1-82, SR EN 1097-5:2008
  • Determination of the soils density- according to STAS 1913/3-76
  • Determination of the volumetric weight on the site- according to STAS 1913/15-75; STAS 12288-85
  • Determination of the limits of plasticity- according to STAS 1913/4-86
  • Determination of the granulosity- according to STAS 1913/5-85
  • Determination of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the swelling and large shrinkage soils - according to STAS 1913/12-88
  • Determination of the compaction characteristics. Proctor testing- according to STAS 1913/13-83
  • Determination of the organic materials. The content of humus- according to STAS 7107/1-76
  • Determination of the soil compressibility by means of the endometer testing- according to STAS 8942/1-89
  • Determination of soil shear strength, by direct shear testing- according to STAS 8942/2-82

Aggregates for railways - Railways testing profile

  • Deviation from the sort for broken stone and split and Deviation from the sort and the content of sand under 7 mm for crushed and uncrushed shingle.

Pit and quarry aggregates - MBM, ANCFD testing profile

  • Content of impurities - according to STAS 4606-80
  • Determination of the content of humus - according to SR EN 1744-1:2004
  • Determination of the actual weight and absorption coefficient of the water  - according to SR EN 1097-6:2002/A1:2006
  • Determination of the bulk volumetric weight and inter-granular porosity - according to SR EN 1097-3:2002
  • Determination of the density - according to STAS 4606-80
  • Determination of the granulosity. Granulometric analysis by sieving - according to SR EN 933-1:2002/A1:2006
  • Testing performed for finding out the aggregates geometrical characteristics. Determination of the particles shape. Shape coefficient - according to SR EN 933-4:2008
  • Testing performed for finding out the aggregates geometrical characteristics. Determination of the granules shape. Flattening coefficient - according to SR EN 933-3:2002
  • Determination of the percentage of broken surfaces in aggregates - according to SR EN 933-5:2001/A1:2005 visually (percentage calculation)
  • Evaluation of fine parts. Determination of the sand equivalent - according to SR EN 933-8:2001
  • Evaluation of fine parts. Testing with blue methylene - according to SR EN 933-9:2001
  • Testing with magnesium sulphate - according to SR EN 1367-2:2002
  • Determination of the resistance to crushing (Los Angeles method) - according to SR EN 1097-2:2002/A1:2007

Road layers recipes

Road layers from natural aggregates or soils stabilized by means of  binders- according to STAS 10473/2-86:

  • granulometric composition of a mixture
  • humidity of a mixture
  • compaction characteristics
  • mechanical and behavior properties at immersion in water and frost:
    • compressive strength
    • stability in water
    • mass loss through saturation - drying
    • road layers density
    • stability in water and cohesive soils weight loss - according to ASTM D 560-1996
    • the degree of fragmentation of the binder-stabilized cohesive soils

Fresh concrete - BBaBp testing profile

  • Compaction testing- according to SR EN 12350-2:2009
  • Density- according to SR EN 12350-6:2009

Reinforced concrete

  • Concrete density - according to SR EN 12390-7:2009
  • Compressive strength of cubic specimens and prisma heads - according to SR EN 12390-3:2009
  • Compressive strength of concrete cores - according to SR EN 12504-1:2009; C54/81
  • Flexural strength - according to SR EN 12390-5:2009
  • Tensile strength by concrete specimens splitting - according to SR EN 12390-6:2006
  • Tensile strength by concrete specimens splicing - according to C 54/81
  • Monitoring of the concrete compliance - according to CP 012/1:2007 (Statistics interpretations)
  • Degree of impermeability

Filler - MD testing profile

  • Determination of the granulosity - according to STAS 539-79
  • Humidity - according to STAS 539-79


  • Determination of the needle penetration- according to SR EN 1426:2007
  • Determination of the softening point. Ring and ball method- according to SR EN 1427:2007

Asphalt mixture - D testing profile

  • Determination of the apparent volumetric weight of the specimens- according to SR EN 12697-6+A1:2007
  • Water absorption - according to SR 174-1:2009
  • Determination of the volumetric characteristics of the specimens- according to SR EN 12697-8:2004
  • Binder leak testing (Schellenberg test)- according to SR EN 12697-18:2004
  • Marshall testing - according to SR EN 12697-34+A1:2007
  • Content of binders - according to SR EN 12697-1:2006
  • Determination of the granulosity- according to SR EN 933-1:2002
  • Determination of the indirect tensile of the specimens- according to SR EN 12697-23:2004
  • Determination of the specimens sizes - according to SR EN 12697-29:2003
  • Degree of compaction - according to SR EN 12697-9:2003
  • Densities ratio - Mathematic calculation
  • Volume of voids - according to STAS 1338-2
  • Asphalt mixture recipes - according to SR 174-1:2009, SR 7970:2001, AND 546-2002, CD 16-2000


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