Quality control

GEOCON GLOBAL CONSULTING, with it's own laboratory GEOCON LABORATORY, performs in situ geotechnical works and laboratory tests in the construction field for:  road works – new roads and road rehabilitation, railways infrastructure, art works, civil and industrial works, as follows:

Checking of the works quality by:

  • determination of the linear deformation module by tests on the site by means of Lucas plate Ф 300, 600, 760mm and 900mm; Dynamic Plate;
  • checking of the bearing capacity by deflectometry measurements by means of Benkelman lever;
  • checking of the degree of compaction – volume replacement method, punching method; sand cone method;
  • determination of the resistance to penetration – light dynamic penetrometer.

Time monitoring of the landslides by inclinometrical measurements.

In the laboratory, the analyses and tests consist of the determination of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the materials put into operation:

  • humidity;
  • specific weight (pycnometer method);
  • granulometry;
  • limits of plasticity;
  • determination of the compressibility module by means of the endometer;
  • determination of the resistance to direct shear (U-U, C-U, C-D);
  • determination of the resistance to shearing in the triaxial device;
  • determination of the compaction characteristics. Normal and modified PROCTOR testing;
  • determination of the Californian index of bearing capacity (CBR) - normal and flooded;
  • sand equivalent;
  • determination of the organic materials (humus soluble in alkali, carbonates, sulphates).


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